• character: Helena Harper
  • version: Tall Oaks (Resident Evil 6)
  • franchise: Resident Evil
  • photography: Paige Bahr
  • cosplay: that one Caitlin chick (*coughmecough*) [ deviantART ] | [ Tumblr ]


Our Borderlands Cosplay for Festigame Chile 2014 :D


Battle Bunny Riven cosplay by Miyuki Cosplay

Photography by Wilson Lau

Find me at Anime Revolution 2014! 

(Source: hopehavoccosplay)


"We got this."

 and Sheenah as Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside from Resident Evil

On DeviantArt

Titanfall: The IMC - Rifleman Pilot Cosplay by Craft Access

Photography by Black Rabbit

Special thanks to Akiko Wolf


We visited Gamescom yesterday as Fenris (me) and Hawke (boyfriend). When we passed the shadow of mordor booth they asked for some pictures and of course we agreed.
So, have two pictures of us.

Oh, and there was a epic moment at the Dragon Age booth. When we entered the show room the mod called us special guests and asked us to stand up and show our cosplays to the people sitting around. All of them clapped and liked our cosplays. Yeh! <3

Genderswap Mario for a cosplay night I attended.
Was a fun evening of reliving my childhood a little.

Dress hand made by myself.
Apologies for not having a higher quality of photos.

Sailor Mercury by Saraphim Cosplay

Photographer: Daniel Watt


HopeHavoc and Sheenah as Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside from Resident Evil