jinx costest from league of legends @bearybunniee


Silent Hill - Nurse Cosplay by Nightmare Prodigy

Series: Final Fantasy 7- Dirge of Cerberus
Character: ChaosValentine

This costume is my personal take…on a Half Vincent, Half Chaos.
Originally born as a gimmick during a Rosso vs Vincent skit, including a transformation. 
One day I must wear it back!

-GT’s Lab

Series: SMT- Digital Devil Saga 2
Character: Seraph
Photo by Luca Albrigo

6 foot multicolor,translucent lamè wings were my props during a dance skit.

-GT’s Lab

Monster Hunter

Hermitaur Armor set with Bone Helm.

Taken at SDCC 2014.


Series: SMT- Digital Devil Saga 2 
Character: Seraph
Picture by Alessandro “Sandman” Casini
Mirror contact lenses by Colorvue

-GT’s Lab


Speedwagon cosplay is done!
I did the wig, makeup and hat, and my fried Michelle made my jacket and vest!!

I’m so happy with it!!

Photo: Wenbin Photo
Location: Rimini (Italy)
Cosplayer: Bexxin
Character: Yuna - Final Fantasy X

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