Evan Vondra (aka Ang) and I headed to the beach and did a much needed photo shoot of my Journey cosplay. We wanted mist but, it had already begun to burn off before we got into it. No matter, alas, I was running around like a proper Nomad

This cosplay took me roughly three months to make, including a one month of eight hour days of sewing. It is made from wool felt and weighs around 20 pounds. Thanks to all the cosplayers who made posts about how they put together their gear! I was able to snag some templates from:

Thank you thatgamecompany for making such a game.


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Alright, I’ve reached the point where I have to stop working on things and go to bed.  If you’re headed to ECCC tomorrow(today?), maybe I’ll see you there!

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Photoset of my Booker DeWitt from Otakon.

I actually really enjoyed this cosplay. It was very easy to wear around and I just love the game/series so much!!

Photos by Obscura Vista

Booker DeWitt - Zacloudseth

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Legend of Zelda Medley by STL Ocarina


Reith of Propped Up Creations - Dragonborn Mage from Skyrim

Photography by SoulFire Photography (cospix/dA)

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Fallout 3 cosplay

Fallout 3 cosplay 

Fallout 3 cosplay by: Albinoandthesniper

I wont get the chance to show this at a con, so i thought you would like to see it, three weeks of working to get this made <3

Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction - Shilen Cosplay by Nemu013

Photo by TaisiaFlyagina

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Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Cosplay by JoviClaire

Photo by Rakinime and Nemesiskim

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