Character: Patchouli Knowledge
Series: Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Venue: Otakon 2014

This was my first ever crossplay. Ever. I was hella afraid to even do this cosplay at Otakon 2014…or in general, but the group I was with, and my beloved girlfriend, helped boost my confidence to at least wear it…and I had a hell of a blast doing so!


How I made my Kabuki scar! I used gelatin and drew it on parchment paper with a syringe. Then applied on my face with pros aide. #kabuki #makeup #sfx #cosplay

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Gif from L.A. Noire Gag Reel

Finally got to photograph this costume yesterday.  More pics and tutorials for how it was made here:

Photos all by Polly Lind, who is awesome.

Nightingale cosplay, outdoor shot from January




I usually only cosplay Mary, but my friend Si and Aerial told me that I could only go to Yaoi!Con as James. I never thought I could pull him off, but it actually went pretty well. Took some photos, stole some hearts, and plundered accordingly. Thank you, Eurobeat Kasumi for the shoots :)


These are my favourite photos of me as Lucrezia Borgia.  The top picture was taken by steamboatminnie and the bottom two were taken by nessydesu.


Me as Malik Al-Sayf

Deviantart: PsychoHidan

Facebook: EagleMalikCosplay

He is the best assassin’s creed character ever! >D


A question that I get asked all the time is, “But Mango, what if I’m too ________ to cosplay?” Fill in the blank however you want. “What if I’m too fat? What if I’m too black? Too old? Too tall? Too plain?”

At long last, here’s your answer… Find out in this video if you’re lucky enough to be allowed to cosplay!


Our updated Tallowe cosplays from Uncharted 3 >;) Don’t mess with team villains! Photography by Donald Huston.

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